Pumps for challenging conditions!

Most comprehensive cast iron pump production. Get most water from your existing wells with IMPO cast iron pumps.

Lightweight, efficient and economical solution!

Most comprehensive product range for 4", 5" and 6 " Noryl pumps. Manufactured by IMPO, accepted worldwide.

Stainless steel pumps beyond the ordinary!

Stainless steel pump is produced with the latest technology, the latest designed series from IMPO. You will be surprised by efficiency, low consumption and compatibility with tough conditions.

Inexhausted strength, robust construction!

IMPO motors does not decrease rpm at full load. You wil be able to get the most value for your electric bill. 4 "oil-cooled motors, and 5", 6 ", 7", 8 ", 10" water filled rewindable motors.

Expertise in it!

Stainless steel hydraulic sections produced in Italy exclusively for IMPO, maufactured and assembled in IMPO, Turkey.

World leaders at IMPO!

Wide range of products from leader brands like Coverco, E-Tech, Franklin Electric.

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